Caravan - El Jefe

Possibilities for Artist in Residence at Ukulandia.

An Artist in Residence can stay in 'El jefe', the caravan near the gate where you enter the finca. 'El Jefe' is a Tabbert caravan, known as THE gipsy caravan of all times. On a super idyllic place in the shadow of some eucalyptus trees, you can enjoy the stunning views on the valley and its mountains. Live the freedom of nature on this OFF-GRID location. You will find the inspiration! 

The Caravan has all basic facilities to stay in one place, work on music, writing, theatre or arts. There is a double bed, table to work or eat and a small kitchen with a gass stove. Outside you will find a cold water tap near the terrace. There is a solar shower to hang in the sun for having a nice warm shower. We will have a dry-toilet in the future but for now you will have to use the garden or the outside toilet near the house.


  • 1 month 350
  • 2 month 300 p/m
  • 3 month 250 p/m

Extra costs (± 25 euro) will be charged for using electricity, water, internet, wood, gas and other facilities of the house.

When the caravan is vacant it can be rent out for a single week.
You can join in for a meal for 5 euro!
Take your own drinks and share what you have.