Caravan El Jefe

Possibilities for an Artist in Residence.

An Artist in Residence can stay in ‘El jefe’, the caravan near the gate where you enter the finca. ‘El Jefe’ is a Tabbert caravan, known as THE gipsy caravan of all times. On a super idyllic place in the shadow of some eucalyptus trees, you can enjoy the stunning views on the valley and its mountains. Live the freedom of nature on this OFF-GRID location. You will find the inspiration! 

The Caravan has all basic facilities to stay in one place, work on music, writing, theatre or arts. There is a double bed, table to work or eat and a small kitchen with a gass stove. Outside you will find a cold water tap near the terrace. There is a solar shower to hang in the sun for having a nice warm shower. We will have a dry-toilet in the future but for now you will have to use the garden or the outside toilet near the house.